Looking for support as you journey out of the LGBTQ+ lifestyle?

Transformed UK is a private Facebook group for those Christians who are committed to the authority of scripture and would like to speak and share with like minded Christians. 

It's a safe place for those in the UK who have found freedom in Christ from the LGBTQ+ lifestyle to share, support and nurture each other as well as to share ideas and prayer requests.

To join you can send us a message via this website or send a message via messenger to  @transformedbygodslove


Listed here are some sites I personally have found useful as I walk this journey.  Please do let me know if you would like me to consider listing a site that offers hope and support to others.

True Freedom Trust

True Freedom Trust (TFT) is a UK-based teaching and pastoral support ministry that holds to the orthodox biblical view of sex, gender and relationships.


Living Out

Living Out are based in the UK and seek to help Christian brothers and sisters who experience same-sex attraction stay faithful to Biblical teaching on sexual ethics and flourish at the same time.



Equipped to Love

A U.S, based ministry with a vision to support those seeking God’s heart for their sexual identities. They offer understanding of the issue that opens doors for compassion and understanding.


Changed Movement

CHANGED is a community of friends who once identified as LGBTQ+. Today, they celebrate the love of Jesus and His freedom in their lives.