We are passionate about supporting church leaders as you teach on issues of sexuality.  We seek to empower you to connect with God’s heart for those who experience same sex attraction, and to equip members of your congregations to fully understand what God’s word teaches us on this subject.  

We also have a heart to equip you to walk alongside those who have experienced same sex attraction, either now or the past, as they explore God's word and discover the transformational freedom that Jesus Christ brings to all.

All resources are free, downloadable and available to order.

AS A CHRISTIAN - Bible Study

This 6 week Bible study has been produced to be used as a tool in small groups to help teach on issues of sexuality in a Christian setting.  


Week 1 - God's perfect design for marriage, Genesis 1 & 2

Week 2 - Biblical perspective on sexuality, God created sex for marriage - Song of Solomon

Week 3 - Marriage and teaching on sex outside of marriage

Week 4 - What does it mean to be God's people in this generation?

Week 5 - Sexual immorality and homosexuality – Paul’s letters

Week 6 - Smoke and mirrors – false teaching


We pray that this Bible Study will help members of your church communities to delve deeper into Scripture, to understand for themselves God’s perfect design for our sexuality.

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Transformed Ministries has been established out of the freedom I have experienced from same sex attraction since giving my life to the Lord in 2015  I believe that Jesus provides us all with a way through, he helps us to overcome temptation and empowers us to bring his message of freedom and transformation to others, regardless of our background and our personal story.

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