The Kingdom Option

The 21st century church is often divided in its approach to sexuality and faith, not just for those who experience same sex attraction, but for all of us. Do we stick to the traditional teaching that sex is solely for the marriage of one man to one woman, or do we embrace the alternative teaching, that sex is for any couple who are in an exclusive and loving relationship, regardless of whether they are married or not?

You don't need me to tell you that much has been written from both sides of the debate and these questions will almost certainly continue to be debated for years to come. They are important questions for all of us to consider, particularly those of us who are involved in nurturing or discipling new Christians. As we at Transformed Ministries have been putting together a nurture course, we obviously wanted to address these questions so that we could help new Christians gain an understanding for themselves of how they should be living their lives.

Whilst planning the nurture course, I was listening to a podcast from Bethel Church, Redding. In this I heard Eric Johnson talking on something far removed from sexuality, but the question he asked rang true for the question of our sexuality:

“What is the Kingdom Option?”

I considered this question and my answer was this - The ‘Kingdom Option’ is the one where I seek to fully understand what God’s absolute best for me is and as part of that I then consider what actions and behaviours in my life are not what God originally intended for me to experience. In this desire to seek the ‘Kingdom Option’ I am looking to God’s word to show me how I can receive all that God desires for me and how I can be most effective for His Kingdom here on earth.

Also, I suppose for me, the Kingdom option is always going to be reflected in the words from the Lord’s Prayer – YOUR WILL BE DONE, where I fully submit to God and seek out what His will really is.

In thinking about sexuality and faith, I encourage you to cast aside any pre conceived thoughts, to not simply sit on one side or another because that's how you've always thought, but to sincerely and deeply explore for yourself, asking the question, "what does God desire in this situation, what is the Kingdom option?"

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Transformed Ministries has been established out of the freedom I have experienced from same sex attraction since giving my life to the Lord in 2015  I believe that Jesus provides us all with a way through, he helps us to overcome temptation and empowers us to bring his message of freedom and transformation to others, regardless of our background and our personal story.

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