Revival is happening - it's just not being shouted about!

Working in a ministry which considers issues of sexuality and faith, it is often overwhelming to read of the many conflicts within the church itself, the many opinions and doctrines which are being preached which are contradictory to God’s word. For me, it sometimes feels like we have forgotten the redeeming love of Christ and what that love offers to those who experience same sex attraction.

On the upside, I have also been blessed through this ministry in reading of, and hearing from, others like me who have experienced God’s transformational love as we received him into our lives and repented of our homosexual activity. One such person is Carl Pether, who has written a book called Revival and Homosexuality after he himself turned his back on a life of homosexuality to pursue his love of God.

I had the privilege of writing the forward for Carl’s book and I see no reason to change what I wrote to illustrate why this book is such an important read.

We are living in times where, even in Christian circles, homosexuality is being promoted and celebrated. There is so much confusion coming out of the church; Christian teaching is being watered down, Biblical authority is being challenged, and many denominations are changing doctrine that has stood for hundreds of years.

However, God is not silent on this matter and transformation is still a reality for those who sincerely seek to understand what God does say about homosexuality. Carl’s personal experience of overcoming his same sex attraction is testament to the truth of God's word, that healing and restoration is available to all.

Revival and Homosexuality, The Two Essays, not only includes many personal insights into the challenges that being same sex attracted brings to all who would seek a relationship with God, but also offers easy to follow interpretation of what the Bible tells us. Carl’s comprehensive analysis of the theological debates that rage around homosexuality are easy to follow, yet somehow manage to answer even the most difficult of questions. His clever play on the topic of conversion therapy is refreshing yet points to the very real issue of how Christian’s can support those with unwanted same sex attraction without overstepping the line that the ‘must stay gay’ lobby have drawn in the sand.

It is refreshing that the book not only examines testimony and theology, but also goes on to look at revival, with a specific emphasis on male ministry. Whilst this part is specifically with the male audience in mind, as a woman I found it enlightening and very relevant.

Each chapter concludes with a “consider this” section with a number of questions to provoke thoughtful consideration of what has just been read. These are an encouragement to the individual reader but would also prove useful for anyone who wanted to use the book as a study tool in a small group setting.

As someone who has walked a similar path to Carl, having myself left the gay lifestyle and come to faith in Christ, I recommend this book to all who are searching for their own answers. Through my experience of speaking in churches about sexuality and faith I know that a book of this magnitude is much needed by pastors and teachers who want to present the truth in a compassionate yet honest way and who need to be in a position to answer questions with clarity and confidence.

Thank you Carl for your voice in this important debate.

I thoroughly recommend Carl’s book which is available to purchase on Amazon

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Transformed Ministries has been established out of the freedom I have experienced from same sex attraction since giving my life to the Lord in 2015  I believe that Jesus provides us all with a way through, he helps us to overcome temptation and empowers us to bring his message of freedom and transformation to others, regardless of our background and our personal story.

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