Q is for questioning

“Q” is for questioning. On the Stonewall website, in their glossary of terms, they describe questioning as:

“The process of exploring your own sexual orientation and/or gender identity.”

And I applaud this, we should all have the opportunity to explore who God made us to be. Yet what I find difficult to understand, is that as soon as you talk about Christians who have decided to question their feelings and to explore a life away from homosexuality, their right to question seems to fizzle out and their right to talk about change is challenged.

I read yesterday* that Facebook has announced a ban on posts from former homosexuals describing their personal faith-based journeys to a straight life. I am deeply saddened that people like myself are being silenced for simply sharing what God has done in our lives. Why can our stories not be heard, what are people afraid of?

I share my testimony online and pray that this will help others. I want others from the same background as me to hear my story of how I found fulfilment, love and acceptance. I want others who have gone through the same journey as me to be encouraged by my story and to connect with this Ministry so that they are supported and encouraged. My testimony is testament to God’s love for me and for others, and I share it in a loving and non-condemnatory way. My story is there to show how I found a new life in my relationship with God, it doesn’t condemn others, it doesn’t mislead others, it’s simply a balanced account of God’s truth and his love.

Q is for questioning; but I am fearful that Christians will soon be prevented from providing any guidance, love or testimony to those who are questioning, and that’s a tragedy for those who simply choose to explore all options available to them in their quest to find contentment and happiness.

Please pray..


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Transformed Ministries has been established out of the freedom I have experienced from same sex attraction since giving my life to the Lord in 2015  I believe that Jesus provides us all with a way through, he helps us to overcome temptation and empowers us to bring his message of freedom and transformation to others, regardless of our background and our personal story.

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