Power of praying parents

Having never had children myself, being asked the question, “how do I pray for my son or daughter who is living in the gay lifestyle?”, is not something I've ever had to address for myself, but surprisingly it is a question that I am asked quite often. To answer, I draw upon something that I do have experience of, and that is how I have witnessed, as part of an active ladies prayer group, the many Mothers who are praying for their “prodigal” to walk with the Lord once more. I have heard many stories of teenagers who have made a commitment, but who in their early adult life no longer attend church or profess a faith.

And for me, that answers the question quite clearly. You pray for all your children in the same way, it doesn't matter what has caused them to walk away from the Lord, what matters is that we intercede for them to walk back to Him.

Some areas that I feel are helpful to pray into are:

1. Identity – that your child’s identity will become focussed on who they are in Christ.

2. Love and acceptance – that you child will find love and acceptance in a Christian community where they will be nurtured and given space to hear God’s voice.

3. Recognition of their Father’s voice - in a world where so many voices vie for our attention, pray that your child will recognise the voice of God when he speaks to them.

4. Preparation - that God will go before and prepare the way for them to walk into his plans for their lives (often helpful to declare any prophetic words you've had given to you for your child).

5. Christian influences - that God would surround them with Christians, in their workplace, their college or university and in their social life, people who will remind them of the joy of living a Christian life. Pray that God will use your child’s friends to point them back to Him.

6. Conversation - pray that the Holy Spirit will be in all aspects of your conversations, for openness from both sides to speak and listen and for opportunities to explore faith together.

7. Brokenness – this is a tough one, but sometimes people need to get to rock bottom before they cry out to God. To pray that God will break through the hard exterior that someone has put up and soften their heart is a courageous prayer to pray but may be one you need to use.

8. Strength to fight the battle - this is a prayer for yourself because after all, this is spiritual warfare. You need to draw on God's strength daily.

9. Perseverance – we are called to pray without ceasing, when we fail to see results there is a temptation to give up, so perseverance is essential, after all you may be praying for years before you see breakthrough.

10. Support - pray for your own courage to seek out prayer warriors to support you; this sometimes means being vulnerable, but this is a battle and we are stronger together.