• Sarah Sedgwick

Flying names - Transformed by God's Love!

Last week I had an opportunity to speak to a group of fervent followers of Christ from the Northern Prophetic School of Supernatural Ministry. As I prepare for any talk, God speaks to me about which angle to come at, and this time he reminded me of some prophecy spoken many years ago about the LGBTQ+ community. It seemed very pertinent to talk to a group of prophets about words spoken a few decades ago, particularly as we are already starting to see God moving in these areas.

In 1989, Bob Jones, a prophet was caught up in a vision where he saw 100,000 LGBT men and women being set free. Many of these were raised up to preach the love of Christ with power, he saw AIDS being healed and lives being transformed. Bob said, “It’s a true vision, but it’s waiting for an intercessory movement to carry it in prayer.”

Lou Engle, another prophetic voice, also writes that a friend of his had a dream in which he saw a wailing wall on which was written, “100,000 LGBT saved and transformed.” On this wall were the names of individuals struggling with same-sex attraction and desiring to be free. He saw people coming to the wall, putting their hands on one of the names, and with love and tears they started praying. Suddenly the name flew off that wall on to a testimony wall, because the person had been touched and changed by God.

When I recalled these prophecies I was so excited, because I am meeting more and more people who were once featured on the wailing wall, but who by God’s love and grace are now highlighted on the wall of testimony. These prophecies are coming to pass, there is movement particularly amongst the prodigals, there are people turning back to God. But this phenomenon is not limited to prodigals, I also hear testimony from some who were not following God at all, yet still God is reaching out to them and showing them a new way.

The message God put on my heart as I was preparing my message was the urgency to intercede. Who interceded for me, for my friends who have also found freedom, for the thousands of others who now walk in freedom? I may not know the answer to that question until I get to heaven, but I sure am grateful for their persistence and faithfulness in prayer.

We must continue to intercede in earnest for our loved ones, whether they have a Christian background or not. We should not rest until each and every one of them has found their place on the wall of testimony. But let’s not stop there. Can you pray for your local LGBTQ+ community, pray for those in your neighbourhood, your workplace, your street and your circle of friends? Let’s get behind this intercessory movement, no longer bowing to the world’s ways, no longer accepting the rhetoric that “love is love”, and showing our love by praying fervently for each and every person to experience the love of God in their lives.

If not us, then who will pray?

If you have someone you want us to pray for in the LGBTQ+ community, please email tbglministry@gmail.com with their name and we will add them to our very own wailing wall.

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