Dare to be different

Jesus himself said that we do not belong to this world[1]. He expands that to say that if we were of the world we would be loved by the world, but as it is, we have been chosen by God and for that we will not be welcomed. What God’s word teaches us about sexuality stands out from worldly values. Where the world celebrates and endorses all forms of sexual expression outside of the traditional marriage of one man and one woman, God celebrates and endorses sexual expression only within the realms of traditional marriage.

For those who stand on the word of God and say that we can no longer celebrate or endorse co-habitation or homosexuality as a lifestyle that Christians can live, we know the feeling of being hated by the world. For those of us who have walked away from a homosexual lifestyle to live in obedience to God’s will, we not only know the feeling of being hated by the world but also of being maligned and criticised by liberal Christians.

It’s easy to get angry about this unless we hold on to Paul’s advice, recognising the immense rewards of living within the will of God. In Ephesians Paul highlights that Christians are to be different through revering God’s designs for us whether we understand them or not and through being obedient to God in even the most difficult of circumstances. If the world hates you for it, do not forget that it is the world that is being deceived by the ruler of this world, and it is you who is sticking to the truth as taught by the ruler of the next.

[1] John 15:19