• Sarah Sedgwick

Changed by God, not man.

In many Western countries the term “conversion therapy” is becoming a term that is more frequently heard, one that is often directed in an accusatory way at Christians, without full understanding of what conversion therapy is. A quick look at Wikipedia tells us that conversion therapy is:

“the pseudoscientific practice of attempting to change an individual's sexual orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual or their gender identity from transgender to cisgender using psychological, physical, or spiritual interventions.

Firstly I acknowledge that there are examples of conversion therapy, from religious and non- religious groups alike, which are wrong and should be stopped. Secondly I underline my stance which is that I oppose conversion therapy, any action that is coercive or threatening is to be condemned.

What I do want to address though is the accusation from many people that Christians who have left the LGBTQ+ community have been subjected to a form of conversion therapy. That accusation shows the lack of understanding of how God works, it assumes that becoming a Christian is down to the influence of man, not God. The truth is that all of us who have met Jesus came to love him and trust him before we chose to follow him. And it was through his love, which has the ability to transform our hearts that we fell in love with him.

Once you fall in love with Jesus your heart cries out to know his truth. The first and foremost command that he gave to us was to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind and soul. When you do that you find that your focus shifts, from what you once thought was the most important thing, whether money, sex, material things, relationship, status etc. to wanting intimacy and relationship with God.

It is not, nor ever will be, man who converts. It is God who gives us grace, forgives us for our sins and shows us the possibility of a new life in Him. Like every Christian, we sought to be free from the worries and stresses of this world, to become fulfilled in our lives, to find purpose in our lives, we didn’t want to strive any longer to find our identity in what the world promotes.

So please, stop accusing the church of conversion therapy when they offer love and support to people like me, who have chosen to follow Jesus, or to those who have seen a glimpse of what Jesus offers and are negotiating the path to understanding whether they want to find out more about our God of love.

Here at Transformed Ministries we will walk with you if you desire to find out more. We will walk with you if you have already made your decision to follow Jesus and want to meet with like-minded Christians for love and support.

There are many of us who have found a new way in Christ. We have not been subjected to conversion therapy, we have been transformed by God's love.

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