Bending the rules?

One thing that continues to puzzle me is the number of people who want Christians to change the “rules” in order to make the Christian faith more palatable for their worldly appetite. Many are now saying that God’s word is not fair or right and are treating the Bible as a pick and mix selection.

Instead of simply stating the obvious, that Christianity is not for them because they are not prepared to make some tough choices, many are seeking to force Christianity to change its moral fibre to fit into their lifestyle or thought patterns, in order that they can “join the club”.

My confusion is simply this; why do some people think that we, created beings, can change the moral order of God? If we recognise that there is a God and that he is, as the Oxford Dictionary defines:

“the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being”

how can we possibly expect to overwrite His laws? Isn’t that a form of extreme arrogance that shows us up to be full of sinful pride?

I used to play hockey and over the course of my hockey playing career I joined a number of different clubs. Each club I joined had rules, these were clearly established and publicised and as part of my research into which club I wanted to join, I would read these and decide whether they were palatable to me. Had I found any rules that I couldn’t commit to keep or I felt were wrong, I would have considered what I didn’t agree to, why that rule was there in the first place, and whether it was something I could happily agree to, recognising that it was for my own good. My choices were then clear, embrace the rules or don’t join the club.

For example, if a club expected all player to wear a mouth guard when training or playing, I had a clear choice to make. Did I join the club and abide by that rule, or did I simply find another club who allowed me to play without the mouth guard?

I recognise that faith choices are much bigger than a simple choice to join a sports club, but I am sure the message is clear. God’s rules are there for a reason, for our protection, for our well being and for our eternal salvation. If you want to be part of God’s “club” you are asked to make sacrifices, to become obedient to his will and to follow his commands.

God loves us all, he wants us all to have a relationship with him, and he wants the best for each of us, he is indeed, the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being.

Don’t try and change God but allow him to change you. Recognise him as God of the universe and trust that his ways are higher than your ways, his thoughts are higher than your thoughts. His word (rules), are actually the blueprint for how he wants to bless you. Let’s avoid trying to change God so that we feel comfortable with our lives, rather let’s allow God to change us so that our lives are honouring to him.

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