We can simply be defined as a group of like-minded Christians who have freely chosen to be “Transformed by God’s Love”.

Each of us are at a different stage in our journey to wholeness and health, we have members who are still challenged every day by their sexual feelings, and members who have experienced complete transformation, one of whom has been married to his gorgeouswife for over 25 years. What binds us together is our passionate love for Jesus and our recognition that God has hand-picked each of us to be in his family, and to receive his love, grace and mercy as we respond in obedience to his word.

Whilst the group started in the UK, we are open to Christians from around the world and already have a bit of an international feel! There is a weekly meeting via Zoom, where we are able to encourage and pray for each other, whilst also studying the Bible and worshipping together.

We offer nurture courses for new Christians, discipleship courses such as “Freedom in Christ”, membership of our closed Facebook group and one to one pastoral support. Members are also invited to our annual retreat, where they can meet others, grow in their love for Jesus and experience the move of the Holy Spirit.
This group is an inspiration to many – don’t take our word for it, here’s what some of our members have to say:


Finding my way out of my own confusion I related with other ex-gay's stories. Not being surrounded with a community that is knowledgeable about SSA, I missed connecting with real people on this topic. Uncertain if my experiences are even valid. It is comforting to be a part of group that understands who I am and where I am in my journey. It makes it easier to manage and overcome.
The Lord Jesus has used this ministry to help me work towards more change and a greater
wholeness. Every week I'm excited to grow closer to Christ, grow personally and learn how    I can be part of ministering to the lost and hurting in a more loving and understanding way.


- South Africa



- England - UK

After recently becoming a born-again Christian, I felt led by the Holy Spirit to transform my life, from living in a gay lifestyle to now living in the truth of Jesus Christ. Being in my late 50s, has made my transformation more bearable, but I would not have achieved this transformation without the knowledge, support and love from the “Transformed International” group leader and it's members.

Being part of the Transformed group has empowered me to replace my previous lifestyle identity with my true identity in Jesus Christ.


Transformed has helped me to see my inherent value to people and to the church and renewed my hope that I still have a place in the church and a role within the body of Christ.  That my past behaviour and current struggles do not make me any less valuable in living out the calling that Christ has put on my life and completing the work he has for me.


- NorthernIreland - UK