Training - We are now offering training to Church communities to empower them to become safe spaces for members of the LGBTQ+ community as they explore faith.  The following training can be offered via Zoom, video or in some cases we can offer in person training at your venue.

1. Transforming Church Leadership  (3 hours)  
2. Transforming Pastoral Care (3 hours)  
3. Transforming Prayer Ministry (1.5 hours)  

4. Valuing Singleness (1.5 hours)

If you are a church who are concerned about how you can be welcoming without compromising the Gospel, these courses are a great starting point for you. There are no set fees for our training, we simply ask for a donation to our Ministry, and if training takes place at your church or venue we would ask for our expenses to be covered.

To check availability please contact us via our contact form, email or give us a call on 0330 133 4340.

Transforming Church Leadership (3hrs)

Transforming Church leadership encourages the Church to rise up and uphold God’s standards of holiness and righteousness as we address issues of sex and sexuality. This training will challenge your thinking, to ensure you are consistent in your teaching on sexual ethics, and will equip you to minister well to everyone in your community.


By the end of this 3 hour session you will be equipped to plan towards becoming a church:

~ Which demonstrates a consistent application of God’s word, where everyone thinks
    theologically about sexuality.
~ Which talks openly about God’s love for the LGBTQ+ community and the challenges
    this community face
~ Where every child understands Biblical sexuality and understands God’s love and will
   for their life
~ Which has pastoral carers and ministers who are caring and knowledgeable about
   how to minister to every community
~ Which has singles who thrive in intentional singleness or Christian marriages that
   encourage open hospitable homes.

Transforming Pastoral Care (3hrs)

Transforming pastoral care encourages your pastoral teams to create a loving and safe space to have open conversations around sexual ethics and explores how to navigate those conversations to show love in truth with compassion and grace.  By the end of this 3 hour session you will be equipped to plan towards having a team of pastoral carers: 

~ Who understand key terminology, recognise God’s design and intent for our sexuality and are equipped to engage and support those who struggle with sexual sin
~ Who naturally speak about sexuality, who are focussed on vocational singleness as well as Christian marriage that encourages open, hospitable homes and are equipped to speak truth and love into those who feel isolated or unsupported.
~ Who are approachable and for whom tough questions about sex are no big deal and met with truth, love and compassion.
~ Who ensure everyone knows that they belong and are secure in their understanding of Scripture and the relationships they have with those around them.
~ Who have created safe space for those who struggle with sexual sin to speak openly about their struggles and receive love from a supportive community.

Transforming Prayer Ministry (1.5hrs)

Transforming Prayer Ministry recognises the particularly sensitive nature of praying around issues of sexual orientation, identity and faith, particularly the importance of ensuring that there is no undue influence from those praying for the recipient that makes them feel that they must conform to certain standards or ideals.                                                              


Our 9 step prayer ministry model moves away from typical intercessory prayer ministry most often modelled in church/ministry situations and focuses more on enabling the recipient of prayer to connect with God for themselves.  This training is an interactive session where participants are encouraged to practice all they learn on each other in real life prayer situations

Valuing Singleness (1.5hrs)

We live in a culture that puts great emphasis on being in a romantic or sexual relationship. In churches, that emphasis can quickly turn to the importance of marriage, something we tend to hold in much higher esteem than singleness. Singleness is something we rarely teach about and churches often struggle to model how to embrace and support singles, to be the family spoken about in Psalm 68:6. “God sets the lonely in families.” There is often a failure to recognise that some people happily choose and embrace singleness and are uniquely placed to serve God and their community without the distraction of a spouse or family. There are also failures to recognise the unique challenges that come with singleness.

And let’s not forget singleness comes in many different shapes and sizes and at varying stages of life. How well equipped are you to embrace singles within your church?  This SPACIOUS PLACE training seeks to help you to think about these questions to help you become a church which truly values and welcomes singles and challenges long hold perception that singleness is somehow less valuable than marriage.