As Christians who are eager to reach out to those who don't know Jesus, we can often feel at a loss in talking to and praying for those whose life experience is so different from our own. It is for this reason our prayer group was keen to hear Sarah's testimony of her journey to faith from a background of same-sex relationship.

Sarah shared her story at our prayer group with real openness, honesty and integrity. Hearing of her struggles to find God's truth in our post-truth society was challenging and thought provoking. Then, having found the truth, Sarah movingly shared her journey to live out this truth, facing the inevitable lifestyle changes this meant. Sarah's willingness to share both the emotional, practical and spiritual issues she has faced brought great clarity on how we, as Christians, can pray for and support those on similar journeys.

We're convinced this powerful story needs to be told and heard. It will be life-transforming for those on a similar journey. Those who have no personal experience of the issues Sarah shares, will be equipped, informed and enabled to reach out to others with the love and compassion of Christ.

Joan Price and Kay Bowdler - Global Prayer

We need to share the stories of same-sex attracted Christians who remain faithful to the biblical teaching on marriage and relationships. These voices are often absent in such debates, but show that a counter-cultural faithfulness to scripture is possible and testify to us of God’s sustaining grace.


I have been delighted that Sarah Sedgwick, who is herself a Methodist, has recently launched a website, offering such a testimony.

David Hull - Chair Methodist Evangelicals Together